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Remember to keep trying if you fail to connect to the homework site the first time. If the links shown below
cause trouble, try using the official website of your text book by clicking here:  Related Links.
When you get there, go to the corresponding "Learn It Online" section of each chapter.

1)   NEW!! Search Sleuth (submit BOTH): for Chapter4 and Chapter9
(click on any chapter title above to visit the web page and follow instructions carefully!)
Due on next partial exam:  Monday, Dec. 3 (Sections 091 & 121)
  Thursday, Nov 29 (Section 138)
General Instructions:(20 points each "Search Sleuth")
First, print the instructions using "landscape" orientation in printing options or page setup/layout options to avoid incomplete instructions on the right margin.  If you need help with this, send me an e-mail.
All work must be prepared using a word processor:
be sure to include your name and section
double spacing, NO FOLDERS!
clearly identify the questions and/or answers
answer questions completely and clearly
check for errors, please! (-1/2 points for each 10 mistakes!)
2)   BONUS POINTS (10 PTS) Due on December 10, 12:30pm
Choose any one (1) of these "Scavenger Hunt" activities:
Scavenger Hunt Chapter 5              Scavenger Hunt Chapter 2
Scavenger Hunt Chapter 12            Scavenger Hunt Chapter 1
Complete the questions (remember to "copy and paste" the URL or web address in which you found the answer and submit using the same instructions shown
in the Search Sleuth section above. Extra 2 points if submitted early!