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ADMI 3315

Project Instructions


Business Plan Document and e-commerce Web site Project

Value: 100 points + 15 points Oral Presentation


Format or Specifications for the written report:

(-1 pt for each specification you did not apply, maximum of 5 points)

Double spacing, Font Arial, Font Size 12, Numbered pages (bottom of page), Regular page margins, Title page (name of company and logo, team members with signatures, course, section, date), Table of contents, Introduction, Business Plan, Technical Requirements, Appendices.Clearly identify each section of the project with a heading or subheading in Bold. Contents could be written in either English or Spanish, but make sure you run the spelling and grammar check before submitting! PRINTING REQUIRED There will be a penalty: 6 errors @ -1 point


Components of the Business Plan Document: (Total Points: 50)

1.      Vision and Mission Statements

a.      Vision: businessís hopes and desires (3 pts)

b.      Mission: explains in a few words (1 or 2 sentences) the overall purpose of a business (2 pts)

2.      Business Description

a.      Summary of your e-businessís background and business idea, when and where your e-business was formed, its history to date, key personnel, and future goals (3 pts)

b.      Objective(s) of your business (Web presence goals from the list on chapter 3)(3 pts)

3.      Products or Services (5 pts)

a.      Describe each product in terms that make clear the productís benefits to potential customers

b.      Describe a service: what it is, how it works, what makes it unique, and how potential customers can benefit from it

4.      Marketplace Analysis

a.      Industry Information: use real data but be brief, please!(5 pts)

b.      Targeted Customers: Identify potential customers and their characteristics (5 pts)

c.      Marketing and Sale Strategies

                                                  i.      Advertising you will use in your Web site and promotion strategies (6 pts)

5.      Revenue Model

a.      Explain what revenue model will you use and why. (4 pts)

6.      Legal Issues

a.      Privacy Statement (privacy policy) (3 pts)

                                                  i.      You can get some ideas from other Web sites.

7.      Technical Requirements

a.      Specify the platform, language or tool that your team will use to develop the Web site. Justify your answer. (3 pts)

b.      What is the proposed URL or domain name of the Web site? (1 pt)

c.      Do you plan to buy or lease the Domain name? Justify the answer with numbers. (3 pts)

d.      Explain the Web hosting alternative you plan to use and justify your decision. (Remember: you are not actually going to pay but you can assume or just pretend by using real prices from real hosting services!) Chapters 9 & 12 can help here. Evaluate using the 6 factors discussed in chapter 12.(4 pts)


Minimum requirements of the Web site:(Total points: 50)

(Your group is expected to work beyond these requirements!)

a. Home Page: logo, photos, images or animation, brief introduction or welcome message, links to other sections of the Web site, if using e-payments show some links, shopping cart image (just a demo!), logos or information related to certifying authorities or payment methods, copyright, etc. (you can use real web sites as models) (10 points)

b. Main Links: information about the company, history and mission statement, information about products and services, help section or FAQ, ways to contact the company or Webmaster, Privacy Policy, registration or log-in (if necessary) (7 points)

c. Additional pages or sections:

i. At least one order or membership form (it does not have to work, just a demo!) (5 pts)

ii. Privacy policy (look for ideas on the Web) (7 pts)

iii. Information about the company (history, mission or purpose, etc.) (6 pts)

iv. Contact information (this info could be placed on the Home Page if you prefer) (6 pts)

v. Page(s) with photo gallery or list of products and/or services and costs (prices) (9 pts)


Oral Presentation: (10 points)

1.      Maximum time: 15 minutes (-3 for each additional minute you consume)

2.      Power Point presentation:

Components 1 Ė 5 from the Business plan

Check for errors (3 errors @-1)

Follow the rule of no more than 5 or 6 bullets per slide (-2 if you donít follow this rule)

Use solid fonts (like Arial or Verdana) and dark background with light color fonts. (-2 if you donít follow this rule)

3.      Web site demo (make sure the links work before showing them to the class!)



At the end of the class you will fill an evaluation form.You will evaluate the performance of each group member and yourself.Failing to do so will result in a 5% penalty from your project grade.


Remember: You can check well-designed Web sites for ideas.Your Web site should be original and visually interesting for potential customers or visitors.Check grammar, spelling errors before submitting.Additional instructions for submitting the final report and oral presentation will be posted later on.You should provide the complete URL of your Web site on a separate page of the Business plan.