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1.      Specify the platform, language or tool that your team will use to develop the Web site.

2.      Specify what plug-ins should be installed in the client’s computer in order to use or access some features of the Web site. (e.g. Flash, etc.)

3.      What is the proposed URL or domain name of the Web site?

4.      Minimum requirements of the Web site: (your group is expected to work beyond these requirements!)

a.      Home Page: logo, photos, images or animation, brief introduction or welcome message, links to other sections of the Web site, if using e-payments show some links, shopping cart image (just a demo!), logos or information related to certifying authorities or payment methods

b.      Main Links: information about the company, history and mission statement, information about products and services, help section or FAQ, ways to contact the company or Webmaster, Privacy Policy, registration or log-in (if necessary)

c.      Additional pages or sections:

                                                  i.      At least one order or membership form (it does not have to work, just a demo!)

                                                ii.      Privacy policy: follow the rules and/or examples of Tutorial 4 (develop a complete policy following the main points or goals from page 4.04)

                                              iii.      Information about the company (history, purpose, etc.)

                                               iv.      Contact information (this info could be placed on the Home Page if you prefer)

                                                 v.      Page with photo gallery of products and/or services


Remember: You can check well-designed Web sites for ideas.  Your Web site should be original and visually interesting for potential customers or visitors.  Check grammar, spelling errors before submitting.  Additional instructions for submitting the final report and oral presentation will be posted later on.


You can visit the following sites for more Web site design guidelines: