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ADMI 3315




8AM – 12:30PM

REVIEW TOPICS (Chapters 3 & 4)

Don’t forget: Read “Learning from failures” case from chapter 3


·         What are revenue models?

·         Catalog revenue model

·         web catalog revenue model

·         List the types of businesses using the Web catalog revenue model

·         What’s the problem with luxury items?

·         personal shopper agent

·         problem with clothing retailers

·         Initial problems with traditional discount retailers

·         What is the Digital Content Revenue Model

·         What is advertising-supported revenue model?

·         What is the model used by major US broadcasters?

·         What is the problem with web advertising (reasons for the slow success)?

·         problems with demographic information

·         List types of web sites using advertising-supported revenue models

·         what is a portal or web portal?

·         targeted classified advertising

·         what is the advertising-subscription mixed revenue model?

·         offer 2 examples of companies using this model

·         what is fee-for-transaction revenue model?

·         give 5 examples of companies using this model

·         what is fee-for-service revenue model?

·         list 2 examples of companies using this model

·         what is cannibalization?

·         what is an strategic alliance?

·         creating an effective web presence

·         Identify the 7 web business site objectives

·         key goal/element for web sites of non-for-profit organization

·         what is web site usability

·         identify the 7 motivations of web site visitors

·         identify ways to make a web site accessible

·         goals that should be met when constructing web sites

·         trust and loyalty issues

·         guidelines for customer-centric web sites



·         Product-based vs. customer-based marketing strategies

·         study figure 4-4

·         define segments, micromarketing

·         geographic, demographic, and psychographic segmentation

·         one-to-one marketing

·         behavioral segmentation, occasion segmentation, usage-based segmentation

·         Traditional set of categories of visitors based on behavior

·         Know the 5 stages of customer loyalty in correct order.

·         acquisition cost vs. conversion cost

·         what is a banner ad? know different types of banner ads

·         banner exchange network

·         text ads

·         inline text ad

·         interstitial ad

·         what is the problem with online ad cost & effectiveness?

·         what is CPM?

·         metrics used for online ad cost

·         why is so difficult to measure online ad effectiveness?

·         cost of email message

·         conversion rate of email

·         opt-in email

·         emotional branding vs. rational branding

·         viral marketing strategies

·         Identify the 3 elements or parts of a search engine

·         reason for companies buying additional domain names

·         ICANN

·         Domain name parking