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REVIEW TOPICS (chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 11)


        Identify the steps or phases in the Information Processing Cycle

        What is a computer?

        What is Wi-Fi? What is WiMAX?

        How do you measure the processorís clock speed?

        What is input, output, processing, and storage?

        What is the motherboard? Where is it located?

        Bit vs Byte

        How is storage measured? Know the prefixes and their meanings.

        What is Unicode?

        Identify Physical vs Wireless transmission media

        What is an application software? System software?

        What is an Operating System?

        What is an utility program?

        What is a browser?

        What is a URL?

        Identify a URL from a list.

        LCD vs CRT displays

        Data vs information

        Identify examples of stand-alone utility programs

        Function of a modem

        IP address vs domain name

        What is the Internet?

        What is the Internet2?

        Who owns the Internet? (read the textbook!)

        Hardware vs software

        Difference between RAM and ROM

        What is a network? Why do businesses use them? (5 reasons)

        How is data stored on an optical disc?

        What is a virus? A worm? A trojan horse?

        What is spyware? Firewall?

        What is Ergonomics?

        What is biometrics?

        Identify examples of biometric devices from a list.

        Hardcopy vs softcopy

        Printer resolution

        Analog vs digital signal


        Cookies: What are they? What is their purpose?

        Define computer ethics

         Ethical decision making tests (this topic is only available on the PowerPoint presentation)