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SICI 4087



·         Output Design Objectives (read pages 379-381)

·         External vs. internal output

·         Turnaround documents

·         Types of reports (exception, detailed, historical, summary)

·         Forms of Electronic output (table 11.2)

·         Advantages of pull technology

·         Push technology

·         Factors to consider when choosing output technology

·         Guidelines for printed output

·         4 guidelines for display screen design

·         Considerations when building a Web site

·         General Guidelines for designing Web sites (study page 381)

·         The term “Web site”

·         Stickiness

·         Download time of a Web site

·         Navigation on a Web site

·         Most common graphics file formats for Web sites

·         Main uses of Blogs


·         Proper flow on a form

·         4 Guidelines for form design (page 434)

·         List the 7 Sections of a form

·         3 screen sections

·         Design elements to make forms attractive

·         Guidelines for display screen design

·         Screen for the occasional user

·         Recommended alignment of text on text boxes

·         Main guidelines for the design of effective icons (page 446)

·         Radio buttons, check box, sliders, command button, text box, drop-down list, tabs

·         Top 5 most legible combinations of foreground on background

·         The least legible colors for display design

·         Web fill-in forms for e-commerce sites

·         7 Guidelines for designing an Internet and Intranet form (page 461)